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Excellent service

I received the best customer service I have ever experienced. Great job and keep it up ! Thank you.

Serge exceeded my expectations and made buying my first Volkswagen a great experience. They provided me with all the information I needed and more. They went out of their way to make this experience very special for me!

Serge Larose was an excellent advisor, professional and likeable. I would highly recommend him.

Hey Serge, thanks again for the postcard you sent us. Especially the photo, we love that ! We would like to introduce friends to you, for your kindness and professionalism. I told them about your hospitality...

Amazing first Volkswagen experience. I feel very confident in the choice I have made and the after-sales service has been flawless, reliable, quick and complete. Great job.

Serge was exceedingly helpful, always available at the end of a phone/via text message and was honest and understanding and put us at ease throughout the whole purchase experience.

When we had a minor issue with the car (which disappeared by itself) Serge took the time to explain why it occurred. It is always appreciated when someone explains the reason. Thanks

Serge Larose and Brooke were amazing at identifying my needs. Super professional sellers, both are an asset for VW Centre-Ville.

My sales person, Serge Larose was exceptional and dedicated to my concerns !! He made the experience rewarding and memorable.

Our salesman, Serge Larose, is gifted, honest, diligent and extremely passionate about his work. I enjoyed our transaction from the begriming to the end. I could completely trust his advice and I am happy I was lucky enough to be served by him the day I walked into the VW dealership.

I would like to thank M. Serge Larose for the excellent service.

Excellent service provided by this dealership, highly recommended.

I was a really good transaction with Centre-Ville Volkswagen. They showed me all the opportunities with technical knowledge about the available vehicles. The sales representative has a strong knowledge in cars and languages, helping me with the process in English, French and Portuguese. I felt really comfortable with the entire process.

It was my first lease and I was very happy with the whole process. Serge was very helpful and the whole experience was a breeze. Very happy with the car and will definitely go back for more.

Serge went above and beyond ! Thanks for the amazing service !

Thanks Serge, it has been great so far. My wife likes it so much that I hardly get to drive it. :-(

I was impressed with your follow-up via email & postcard and wanted to thank you for the great service.

Serge, you are a pro. Someday I will buy a car from you.

Continue following up the way you do & you will surely have a successful career for many years to come.

Everything with the new car is going great! I really love my new first ever car in life! :) It's so fun to drive! Thank you again for all your wonderful help. You have been an absolute pleasure and have made the car buying experience a great one! I will definitely recommend future VW buyers to you! I have received the VW sales survey today by email. I will send it out with a perfect score. :) Thanks again for all your help! ''the proud new owner of a really cute VW Jetta!''

Serge Larose was wonderful, he took the time to explain the car and explained all the features. He was extremely friendly and was an absolute pleasure to deal with. Serge made the car purchasing experience a really great one. I would absolutely recommend my family and friends to him for their next car purchase. I am very happy with my new Jetta and am very grateful to Serge for helping me choose a really great car.

Thank you very much. You are truly a very professional salesperson. I have run sales forces and trained salespeople for most of my business career and was impressed. So was my wife... It's the small things - remembering both our names, listening well, directing us to the deal that we wanted, etc. etc.

WOW, thank you so much. This is more than I ever expected. Customer service at its best this is the least I can say about you.

Thank you for your email. I love my car and I am very happy with the purchase ! Many thanks again for all your help, I have been a very happy driver. I filled the tank up again today for the first time since last Friday, considering the amount of driving I do back and forth, a tank a week is awesome! Hope your move to Montreal went well. Enjoy the beautiful weather in that great city, take advantage - again thank you !

You are a true professional. Good luck with everything.

Thank you for your additional information and follow up. I would like to commend Serge for helping me chose and purchase my first car - while answering my many questions. The whole process was extremely smooth on my end and I couldn't be happier with my new car - Cheers.

I would like to point out the excellent service we received from M. Serge Larose. He went above and beyond our expectations to ensure we had an outstanding experience for the purchase of our new car. He truly understands the 2013 consumer, who are not only looking for a good price at the cost of service.

Keep doing what you're doing. A good part of the reasons for buying was the immediate good impression made by the staff.

Everyone was very helpful and knowledgeable. They went out of their way to provide quality service. The dealership and the staff are outstanding.

Part of the reason I purchased the Tiguan was yes first the product but second was the low pressure approach from the salesmen Serge.  I was provided with the information I needed to make my decision but never did I feel I was being pressured into buying something I did not want.

My husband and I just purchased a VW Passat Wagon from Serge Larose.  He was excellent in providing information, answering our questions and helping us to buy our new car.  We live in Kingston so we drove down a couple of times, Serge went out of his way to ensure that we could use our time as efficiently as possible.  He was so helpful and professional.  We felt very confident that we were making a good choice for our needs because of Serge’s help.  We would definitely agree that he is an excellent sales representative and he gave more than 100% effort to help us.

Dear Serge, Just a quick note to say thank you for your assistance in choosing my City Golf.  Your kindness and patience was extremely appreciated.

Serge was extremely knowledgeable about all of the new VW models which we were interested in and he gave us a fantastic demonstration of each of the cars we took for a test drive.

Out of the three dealers I went to , this was the only place I would purchase from.  Serge was a great salesperson to deal with, he has the perfect balance of following up without too much pressure.

Hello Serge, thank you very much for the card you sent.  Regardless of the vehicle I choose to purchase, I would like to thank you for your time!  You are a credit to your trade.

Thank you for your additional information and follow up.  I would like to commend Serge and Rebecca for helping me chose and purchase my first car – while answering my many questions.  The whole process was extremely smooth on my end and I couldn't be happier with my new car.

Serge Larose is an excellent salesman. I will recommend him to others.

Great experience! The entire Volkswagen team that aided us in buying our new Jetta was extremely knowledgeable and friendly. We will definitely be recommending Serge to our friends and family. Thank you!

I just wanted to say Thank You!! I had a little mishap on the road yesterday and got a flat tire. I was panicking and didn't even think of Roadside Assistance, until I opened my trunk under the flap and found your note on the spare tire saying "Roadside Assistance 24/7 for 4 years"...what a relief! Merci ! I called them, and assistance showed up within 15 minutes.

You're the best!!  I couldn't have imagined better service!!  You are awesome!!!

I've been to other dealers but Serge Larose the salesperson that served me was very nice and answered all my questions that I had and helped me make a good decision that's how I got to choose my beautiful jetta 2011 thank you Serge you're the best...

Serge Larose was definitely the most amazing salesman I have ever met. He was kind courteous and most importantly no pressure!! He was attentive and punctual and extremely efficient The entire staff was extremely helpful and attentive to my needs I have already began telling everyone about my experience and making sure everyone goes to Serge for service and for their next Volkswagen purchase!! Thank you again for the wonderful experience.

Hey Serge, I love my car !  It takes some getting used to but I'm sure in a week I'll be comfortable :)  I absolutely love it and I'm excited for a new beginning with my new car!  Thanks again for your wonderful service ! It really goes a long way !  I'm very happy with everything!

My salesman, Serge Larose was a pleasure to deal with. His understanding and follow-up was excellent.

After having purchased several new vehicles over the years, this has been, by far, the best experience I have had. Keep up the good work !

Experience with the dealership was above average. I am enjoying my new ride :). Especially the fuel mileage !

It's great. I love the car. :) Thanks again for all your help. Saw the note you left. That was very nice !

It was my first lease and I was very happy with the whole process.. Serge was very helpful and the whole experience was a breeze. Very happy with the car and will definitely go back for more.

Hi Serge, we continue to be delighted with our Golf Wagon TDI. May your sales be ascendant and your future bright. Regards,

Hi Serge, still loving the car! She's a little dirty with the weather! But that's all part of it! Thanks again for all your help and your follow up ! You've made the whole experience a very enjoyable one !!!