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My expertise

Master re-certified

After completing three years working as a sales representative I have graduated to Master at the Volkswagen academy.

Many trim levels

Affordability seems to be the main topic nowadays. Which is why Volkswagen vehicles are just right.

Car shopping made easy.

As easy as 1, 2, 3... My formula to making your car shopping experience pleasant and easy. We get to know each other while we determine which car is best for you, then test drive it and finish with a price that meets your budget needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What vehicle do you drive ?
I am a Volkswagen owner now for almost ten years, two vehicles - a 1995 Golf CL and a 2007 City Golf.. My first VW was the 1995 1.8L with front disc brakes and rear drums, manual everything and no air conditioning which I loved because of the drive and handling. I later (with some help) worked on the mechanical components such as; front and rear brake replacement, catalectic converter, exhaust, 4 point suspension. Before I could work on the structure and paint I was dragged to the Volkswagen dealership in order to purchase a new (fully warranty) car. The 2007 City Golf which I still drive today.
Which car do you recommend ?
This is a personal question because not all cars offer the same level of equipment and options. I feel any of the Volkswagen cars make a great family / personal or business vehicle and I would purchase all of them if I could. Volkswagen offers a strong and solid line-up and great quality - price ratio. All cars in the line-up will have core safety features and driver comfort the rest is luxury in my opinion.
Where are Volkswagens built ?
All models come from various areas in the world. Additionally there are multiple plants that built one unique model, depending on the model popularity. Regardless of where they are built, onsite supervisors and engineers will be inspecting the built quality of each vehicle before shipment to dealerships. I've had the chance to visit a factory in Brasil.
Why buy a Volkswagen ?

The engineering is definitely great, the warranty coverage, the paint process, the attention to details, international company, careful selection of parts, the solid drive, the interaction, piece of mind...

I couldn't have chosen any other place to work and give my all.


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