Rolling changes

Back to school.

I found myself buying marketing and business books to read on my own time. I later had the bright idea, 'why not make it count and go back to school'. I recently enrolled in a 4 year Post Diploma University program, Business Management with a major in Marketing.

Read your manual.

I garantee you will learn something new if you read through your owner's manual. Aside from this you will find a note just under the cover page. For the past 2-3 years I've been leaving personalised messages hoping one day they would be read.

Like father, like son...

Up to this day, I had only dreamed of selling a Volkswagen vehicle to my Dad. I feel privileged to have him as one of my clients and happy that he is riding in comfort and style !! Congrats Dad !

Home sweet home.

After 3 years of soul searching in Montreal I find my place. I now feel share my passion, mission, values and vision at Centre-Ville Volkswagen.

Relocation with new opportunities.

Personal and professional opportunities brought me to a new home in Montreal. After visiting a couple of dealerships I find a new home.

Practice makes perfect.

Certified and re-certified Volkswagen Master ! Ongoing training from the dealership and Volkswagen Canada over the past 5 years makes me a trade Master.

Congratulations on year 1.

After completing my first full year as a Volkswagen salesperson our dealership finds out about the Wolfsburg award. This prestigious award is handed to dealerships that exceed in service, hours of operation and employee certification.

Special meeting.

For the second time in the same year I was discovering new territories. Off to the southern hemisphere where I would visit Brazil with a plan to meet executives at the Volkswagen factory in Sao Bernardo do Campo.

International studies.

My International studies course opened up my mind to a whole new level. I found myself studying the cars, the European market and culture as I visited 5 countries.


Hire a smile and train a Master..

I have received countless training sessions from the Volkswagen Academy, boot camp sales and from NAASSA. I always walk away from a training session with a new idea, motivation or creativity to do or try something new.

Welcome to sales.

My first dealership saw the potential in me and hired me without any sales experience except for what I learnt in college. I received a lot of attention, positive reinforcement and training opportunities for my new career !

Golden Opportunity.

5 years ago I found myself with a college diploma, a love for marketing and a motivation to find a job in a field I enjoyed. I found this newspaper article titled - Golden Opportunity and was offered exactly that. I now understand how that opportunity was left for me..