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Making the difference

Wolfsburg award winners, making the effort to being better everytime also helping a dealership reaching a number one status for Canada.

Continuous leaning

Willing to take time for classes online and instructor led, reading books during down time and always having an open mind to increase knowledge.

Deliver the promise.

Practice what you preach, better work habits, listening skills and deliver what you promise is important to my clients and to me.


Mission-Vision-Values statement

Thank you for visiting my website

I believe that customer will decide who will be successful based on their experiences. I rather spend my time and energy on how I can improve and excel in the service I deliver. Therefor I am dedicated to invest my time learning new technologies, better ways of communicating, exercise creative thinking and continue to deliver my promise.

Why deal with me: I am a salesperson and also the frontline to the brand and the dealership.  I must keep my knowledge updated and fresh in order to be able to communicate effectively and I must remain accessible to people in case I am needed.  My website will help me to remain accessible and transcend knowledge and information.  I look to make new connections all while maintaining communication with my current contacts.

Core values such as honesty, sincerity, family values and acceptance are some I keep close to heart.  I believe they have shaped me and define me.

Find me online and other social medias:

Or Send me an e-mail @ serge@sergelarose.com